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Mental Health Issues & Disorders

We may seek for professional help on any issue that burdens you such as a simple life challenge or more severe psychological disorders The are...

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Psychotherapy Treatments

We will choose together the most proper therapeutic approach to work with anything that burdens you. Below you may find all the different...

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Psychotherapy Settings

You may seek for help either alone, with your partner or in a group You may seek for help either alone in a Personal / Individual setting that...

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Laughter & Breathing

You will have the opportunity to learn and practice yourself laughing and breathing techniques which are easy and applicable at any setting in...

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Life Coaching

No matter where you are in life and what path you’ve taken, you will have the chance to   Set and clarify the right goals for you Identify...

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Consultation is the process of discussing something with someone in order to get their advice or opinion about it. Psychotherapy does not involve...

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Enhance your Self-Esteem

You will have the opportunity to enhance your self-esteem through Timeline technique that is, a deep relaxation session with immediate therapeutic...

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Free Yourself from a Negative Emotion

You will have the opportunity to free yourself from a deep negative emotion hidden in your childhood. I apply the Timeline, an amazingly intense...

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Emotions & Coping Strategies

Learn how to control negative emotions, inherit new coping strategies and a positive attitude towards...

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Emotional Dependency

Emotional dependency is a state of mind where a person is incapable of taking full responsibility for their own feelings. They do have emotions...

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Dating & Relationships

Do you have difficulties with dating? Do you struggle in your relationship? Do you feel trapped in your relationship? Whatever the issue, there is...

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Self-esteem issues

Do you lack confidence about who you are and what you can do? Do you feel incompetent, unloved, or inadequate? Are you consistently afraid about...

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Anger Management

Do you feel angry often? Do you feel like you can’t avoid, change or release yourself from whatever makes you feel angry? Anger management...

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Healthy Lifestyle

Learn all the tips for inhering and adhering a healthy lifestyle that will increase your energy and positive attitude in...

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Photo Credit: Paul Vollen

Anastasia Olympiou-Hansen


A licensed psychologist in private practice in Greece who provides psychotherapy for adult individuals and couples (License nr. 852030).

A registered mental health coach in private practice in Norway expert and certified in health coaching for adults (Reg nr. 21422).

Specialized in Health Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy focusing on the assessment and treatment of mental illness, health behavioural problems, Relationships issues (Couples and Group Therapy), and life challenges. Certified in in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

As a Greek-Norwegian professional due to her dual citizenship, she lives and practices in between two countries, Norway and Greece. Thus, the psychologist provides mainly online counselling.

Meet our team

Anastasia Olympiou, MSc
Anastasia Olympiou, MSc
Licensed Psychologist
Anastasia Olympiou was born and raised in Athens while the last years lives permanently in Norway. She studied Psychology and Health Psychology at...
Anastasia Doulfi, MSc
Anastasia Doulfi, MSc
Montessorian Pedagogue
Anastasia Doulfi was born and raised in Athens where she lives permanently. She studied Early Childhood Education at an undergraduate level and...



Being married for more than 20 years sometimes can be challenging, and now me and my husband understand that it's OK to ask for professional help. Instead of putting the relationship between us a a couple, we decided to try some counseling. Anastasia is an amazing woman, who helped us to deal with major problems. Thank you and God bless!

Anonymous 01

During my sessions with Anastasia I feel like I am speaking with a friend rather than a stranger. After them I feel that i am a new person who is in charge of her life, mind and actions. The Self-Esteem Seminars have been truly amazing for all the attendants, including myself. Thank you kindly!


For me this was a wonderful experience. I thought there would be no solution for countless issues in our marriage, but Anastasia has so far proven me and my husband wrong. I appreciate your help a lot! Your books are fantastic. Please continue working with couples, and help people save their marriages!

SamSales Manager

I attended one of your webinars the other day, and I must say that I am really impressed. For such a delicate woman, Anastasia seems to have accomplished a lot and is truly the psychologist who will gladly offer her help. I recommend her services to anyone who lives in struggle.


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